Ahmad Amirivojdan

Smart Agriculture Laboratory
Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science (BESS)
The University of Tennessee Knoxville


183 Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science Lab Building

2506 E.J. Chapman Dr.

Knoxville, TN 38996-4531

Currently, I’m a first-year Ph.D. student in Biosystems Engineering at The University of Tennessee Knoxville where I am fortunate to do research at Smart Agriculture Lab under the supervision of Prof. Hao Gan
My research focuses on applying Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Robotic techniques to perform demanding jobs in the farming industry.

Before joining UTK, I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Islamic Azad University in Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, respectively, the latter advised by Dr. Mahdi Mazinani

In a nutshell, I’m a life-long learner who loves being challenged! Ever since writing my first program in C, when I was a teenager, I have been obsessed with the idea of using software to solve practical problems. I am passionately engaged in problem-solving. In my bachelor’s, I joined the Parand Robotic Research Center and we proudly achieved several international awards in Robocup competitions. I found Artificial Intelligence a science that enables me to solve sophisticated problems. Accordingly, In my master’s thesis, I utilized machine learning and computer vision to accurately detect saffron flowers with a vision to be applied in automatic harvesting robots in the future. I believe in the power of AI to transform and improve the lives of people around the world. This is what keeps me motivated, a never-ending thirst to overcome the challenges which make life more pleasant for people!


Feb 4, 2022 Joined the Smart Agriculture Lab at UTK as a PhD student in Biosystems Engineering.